For Just £97, We Setup Your Google Advertising The Right Way So You Can Benefit From Warm Leads And Enquiries From The Google Search Engine

Just For A Small One Off Fee, We Setup Your Google Ads Campaign, Targeted To Your Product Or Service, To Get Your Website In Front Of Your Potential Customers Looking To Buy Your Products

How Google Ads Works...

Google ads (at the top of the Google Search Engine) are a great way to get extremely targeted visitors to your website that are looking to purchase your products or services.

With a relevant and compelling Google Ad at the top of the Google Search Engine, for the right 'Keywords' typed into Google, your potential customers will click your Ad, looking to buy from you.

Once they click your Google Ad and are taken to a relevant and compelling website page, they will enquire to your company.

As the enquiry is from someone already searching for your product or service then it's a warm lead wanting to be sold to for the right product.

With a well set up campaign, Google ads advertising can be an extremely profitable way to increase new customers to your company to grow your business.

It really is as simple as this.

The Problem Is...

Many business owners, or their staff, are juggling too many day-to-day tasks, or just focused on their area of expertise, to keep their business moving forward.

Many business owners understand the importance of advertising on the Google Search Engine, so they try to set up their own Google Ads campaign for their own company, hoping to bring in enquires and leads to turn into business, profit and revenue.

With little to no Google Ads experience, along with juggling all the other day-to-day business tasks, their Google Ads campaign typically just ends up spending their money, with little to no return.

After a few weeks of just spending money on Google Ads and much frustration, they decide that advertising in Google just doesn't work.

business owner

Setting Up Google Ads For Success

Despite the problems business owners have setting up Google Ads for their own business, setting up Google ads for success is quite easy.

To get people looking to buy your products or services, all you need to do is:

  • Choose the right keywords to get your Google Ad to show up in the top positions when your potential customers are searching to buy your product or service.
  • Ensure your Ad in Google is compelling, offering benefits relevant to what your potential customer is searching for.
  • Your website page your potential customer visits must be just focused on the product or service that they searched for in Google, explaining the main benefits that you highlighted in your ad.
  • On your website page, answer as many burning questions that your potential customer may have when they first land on your website page, along with more details on the product or service, any relevant offers and a few customer testimonials.
  • Ensure your website page has a simple clear way your potential buyers can contact you to enquire about your product or service, and tell them how and why to contact you.

Get the above in place and Google Ads will work for you.

If you are not advertising in the Google Search Engine, you are missing out in getting your company in front of people wanting to buy your products or services, leaving them to do business with your competitors.

Let's Get You Setup The Right Way With Our Google Ads Starter Package

As a Google Partner, we know how to setup a Google Ads campaign for best results.

Whether you have tried Google Ads before with no success or you're not too sure what Google Ads is, we can help you.

We offer you our low cost Google Ads Starter Package to setup a simple campaign the right way to get your potential customers to your website to enquire about your products and services.

What We Do For The Google Ads Starter Package

With the Google Ads Starter Package we carryout the following:

  • Setup One Campaign Highly Targeted To One Product Or Service
  • Research Relevant Keywords And Produce A Themed Keyword Group For Your One Product Or Service
  • Write Three Compelling Ads Relevant To Your Product Or Service - Rotating For Best Performance
  • We Check And May Suggest Any Changes To Your Website Page For Maximum Performance
  • Carry Out A 7 Day Campaign Optimisation To Maximise Performance
  • Create And Send You Our 7 Day Performance Report On How The Campaign Is Performing

Creating an effective google ads campaign to get you results.

When You Place Your Order...

When you place your Google Ads Starter Package order, this is what we do for you:

Step 1

As soon as you place your order, we contact you asking you a few questions to enable us to setup your Google Ads campaign for maximum results.

Step 2

We research 'Keywords' that your potential customers type into Google to find and buy your product or service.

Step 3

We write three compelling Ads that your potential customers click on in Google to visit your website page.

Step 4

We check and may suggest simple changes to your website page that your potential customers visits to increase enquiries to your company.

Step 5

We setup a Google Ads campaign that is highly targeted to your product or service in your own Google Account (that you own).

Step 6

Your NEW Google campaign is LIVE and your Ad's start showing in the Google Search Engine, sending your potential customers to your website page to enquire for your product and service.

Step 7

For the first 7 days we check and tweak your campaign to ensure it's running to the best performance.

Step 8

After the first 7 days, we send you our '7 Day Performance Report' on how the campaign has performed, along with any suggestions, recommendations or advisories to get the best from your NEW Google Ads campaign.

Order Your Google Ads Starter Package Today And Start Seeing Results

Order your Google Starter Package today to get your website in front of your potential customers that are looking to buy your products or services, and benefit from warm leads and enquiries from the Google Search Engine.

When you place your order, we will contact you to ask you a few questions to enable us to setup your Google Ads campaign for maximum results.

As soon as we receive your information, your Google Ads campaign will be setup and live within 5 working days.

To Get Started, Just Fill In Your Name And The Best Email To Contact You And Press The 'Order Now' Button To Be Taken To PayPal For Payment

Goog​le Ads Starter Package

Benefit From Warm Leads And Enquiries From The Google Search Engine


  • One Location Specific Campaign
  • One Themed Keyword Group
  • Three Compelling Ads
  • Webpage Check For Max Performance
  • 7 Day Campaign Optimisation
  • 7 Day Performance Report

Our Promise...

We want all our customers to get value from the work we provide.

Therefore, if for any reason you are not happy with the work we have done, up to 30 days from placing your order, then contact us and we will give you a full refund.

What People Say About Us


We Now Get A Steady Flow Of Enquiries For Car Finance Every Month

"We needed a way to get people looking for car finance to our business.

The SEO Gang was introduced to us, they set up a Google Ads campaign and very soon we started receiving car finance enquiries. We now get a steady flow of enquiries of people looking for car finance every month."

Daryl Baker , Holmesdale Finance

Our Google Adwords Account Is A Lot More Efficient - Saving Me Both Time & Money!

"I used to manage my own Google Adwords account, but after bringing in The SEO Gang, the account is a lot more efficient - saving me both time & money! Would definitely recommend."

Christian Thomsen , Templecoombe

We Get More Enquiries At The Fraction Of The Cost, Perfect

"We thought Google Ads was working for us.

We used Google ads before and we thought it worked for us, until The SEO Gang made a few tweaks and we now get more enquiries at the fraction of the cost. The enquiries are also now from the Midlands."

Lee Scott , Midlands Garage Doors

We Get Good Traffic Through Our Site So Our Campaign Is Successful

"We have worked with the SEO Gang for some time. Richard is helpful, informative and always willing to help. Our business, due to the complexity is difficult to monitor per sale, but we get good traffic through our site so our campaign is successful."

Tim Martin , Online Kitchen Store

Experts In Search Engine Optimisation And Helping Businesses To Increase Their Expose Online

"I have found Richard and The SEO Gang to be experts in the area of search engine optimisation and helping businesses to increase their expose online.

If you're looking for a professional service that ensures your business generates new leads and customers I would highly recommend Richard and The SEO Gang for local, national and international portfolios."

Marcus Rockey , Founder of CoolBison

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Benefit From Warm Leads And Enquiries From The Google Search Engine

For Just £97, We Setup Your Google Advertising The Right Way

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