What Is Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising?

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Google Adwords is paid advertising within the Google Search Engine.

With any Search Engine Marketing campaign, as your prospective customers are searching for your service online, Google Adwords provides the most targeted prospect to your website out of any other form of marketing both offline and online.

The Adwords Ads are typically in the top three or four positions in the Google Search Engine. The Ads are written by advertisers and appear in Google when specific ‘search terms’ are used by prospective customers in the search engine.

Each time the searcher ‘clicks’ on each ad they are sent to the most relevant page on the advertisers website for the searcher to take the appropriate action.

This could be either purchasing a product on typically an ecommerce website, filling in an opt-in form for a newsletter, filling in a request for quotation for a particular service or product, or merely contacting the advertisers company to make a sales enquiry.

The advertiser is then charged per click, which is typically dependant on the competitive strength of the ‘search term’. However the cost per click, the overall performance and return on investment can be significantly improved depending on how the Google Adwords campaign is set up and managed.

With a highly optimised campaign, pay per click advertising can be an extremely profitable way to increase your business.

The benefit is your Ad can be at the top of the Google Search Engine in a few hours, unlike Search Engine Optimisation where it can take weeks or even many months depending on the competition level.

Instant Feedback And Metrics To Determine Your Return On Investment

With PPC Advertising, You have a full understanding of how your prospects are engaging on your website, the exact number of website actions carried out on site and the total cost.

This provides a clear understanding of the campaigns effectiveness and your overall return on your advertising.

Google Adwords Can Tell You What Your Money Search Terms Are!

How do you know what ‘search terms’ are going to give you the best return for your business?

Using Adwords PPC Advertising, you can test a large number of ‘search terms’ to understand which terms are the most effective for your business to then use within search engine optimisation to maximise your true potential and your company profits.

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Working With Google For A Profitable Campaign

Unfortunately, even a small pay per click campaign can cost you instead of providing any return for your business.

There are many factors that have to be considered to achieve at the very least a profitable campaign. Failure to understand and act will leave you with a campaign doomed to fail.

These include: Keyword (Search Term) grouping, bid pricing, click through rate management, ad relevancy, quality score and many more, such as…

Google Partner

Keyword Research

If you are only bidding on 10 to 30 ‘search terms’ then you are leaving out important terms. You should be bidding on at least 100 terms to optimise and get the best return on your investment.

Ad Testing

Are you split testing a number of ads per ‘search term’? If not then you are most likely getting less visitors to your website than you should be.

Conversion Tracking

By tracking and increasing website conversions through to sales, you can significantly increase your return with no additional spend.

Target Landing Pages

When your prospective customers are searching for your product or service, you want to provide them with exactly what they are searching for as soon as possible for maximum conversions.

Sending them to a generic website home page doesn’t achieve this and you leave sales on the table and just spend more money.

Sending your prospective customers to a specific landing page that details exactly what they are looking for maximises website conversions increases your company’s sales and return on your advertising.

Check out a few of our example Landing Pages, designed for conversions with good designs, secure & fast loading pages and call to actions:

estate agent landing page
car insurance landing page
event landing page

There's So Much More...

There are so many other tests and tweaks that can now be made to your campaign to ensure you increase targeted visitors to a targeted website landing page for maximum conversions at minimum cost.

Why Use The SEO Gang’s Google Adwords PPC Management Services?

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We are based in the uk and are Google Adwords Pay Per Click management specialists.

With our services, we understand the importance of a well written ad to provide relevancy and engagement, along with your Ad being high enough in the Google Search Engine for a good ‘Click Through Rate’ but not too high where you’re paying a premium for each click.

We’ll increase relevancy from the ‘consumer’ or ‘business person’ typing in the ‘search term’ through to your website for maximum conversions while you pay less per click.

We impliment full tracking, both website and by telephone, so we know exactly which ‘search term’ provides an on-site purchase or a sales lead and at what value to your business. This provides a highly optimised campaign and further reduce your cost.

As part of our standard service we use Google analytics along with a range of other tools to provide a detailed KPI monthly report, so you can clearly see how your campaign and website are performing, the progress we are making month on month and the increased benefit it’s providing to your company.

We can combine our Adwords PPC services with our Conversion Rate Optimisation services for maximum return on your investment.

A highly optimised and relevant campaign will provide you with maximum conversions through your website to your business with minimum cost

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