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On-Page SEO is a critical part of the whole Search Engine Optimisation strategy.  For today's SEO, it's so important to be able to optimise your website for your target keywords, to increase your websites search engine ranking positions, but not to over optimise were the website is just suppressed in the Search Engines, nowhere to be seen.

With The SEO gang's experience, we offer a range of On-Page SEO services in order to optimise your website to help attain high search engine ranking positions.

Please see below our range of services that are available today.

Keyword Research

Carrying out SEO, to attain high search engine rankings, to drive targeted organic traffic to your website, must always start with good keyword research.

Good keyword research is the ability to find targeted and relevant keywords to your offer that have a reasonable level of monthly search volume (number of times the searcher types a keyword into Google) with a competition level that enables you to attain high search engine rankings.

What we offer...

We carry out thorough keyword research around the website theme, website page or landing page, product, service or industry or just from a single or number of seed keywords.

We provide up to 50 highly relevant and targeted keywords, in a range of short tail and longtail with different competition levels for long-term or just quick search engine rankings.

The price for 50 highly relevant and targeted keywords is £80

The keywords are delivered in a spreadsheet and include the following data:

  • Keyword
  • Monthly searches in Google
  • Indication on SEO competition (to attain high search engine rankings for that keyword)
  • check
    Google’s estimated cost per click (CPC) (to provide an indication of the commercial intent for each keyword)

Click below to download examples of our Keyword Research spreadsheet:

The Meta Tags – Meta Title, Meta Description

The websites Meta tags are metadata that are snippets of text that describe what a webpage is about and provide powerful On-Page SEO signals to Google.

It’s important that the Meta tags are optimised to the main keywords that you want to attain high search engine rankings and relevant to the webpage content.

The meta tags are typically used by Google as the headline and description you see when you carry out a search in the Google search engine. Therefore, it’s also important that the meta tags are compelling and look natural for a searcher to want to click on, to then be taken to your website. 

What we offer...

Following the keyword research, we provide meta tags, with the correct amount of characters,  that are highly optimised to the keywords, along with being relevant and compelling to the offer on the page.

Search Engine Optimisation is a balance between On-Page SEO and off page SEO to ensure that you are optimised for your target keywords to increase rankings, but not over optimised where your website could be suppressed in the lower pages of the search engines.  Therefore, we also analyse the whole of your off page SEO to ensure your website has the right balance.

All you need to do, copy each meta tag into each website page to help with your website SEO

The price for highly optimised and targeted meta tags is £15 per website page

The Meta Tags are delivered in a spreadsheet and include the following data:

  • Website page URL
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • check
    Meta keyword
  • check
    Keywords used to target that website page URL

On-Page SEO Report - Meta Tags, Header Tags And Content

Adding your targeted keywords into the meta tags, header tags (H1 to H3) and throughout your content, in a natural way, can significantly increase your website’s optimisation to attain high search engine ranking positions.

What we offer...

Following the keyword research, we analyse your website page and produce an On-Page SEO report based on the follow areas.

The price for our On-Page SEO report is £25 per website page

For each website page, we carry out the following:

  • Analyse and write meta tags (meta title and meta description) that are optimised for the relevant keyword(s) and compelling for the searcher to click on the link in Google (as detailed above).
  • Analyse your Header tags (H1 to H5) and provide recommendations to optimise for each page against the relevant keyword(s).
  • Analyse your existing content and provide recommendations to ensure there is a good amount of content that is on topic and related to the relevant keyword(s) for each website page.
  • check
    Analyse your basic website on-page structure for SEO and for conversions (from a visitor to enquiring / purchasing on your website) 

On-Site SEO Report - Improving Your Websites Quality In The Search Engines

To attain high search engine rankings, it’s important that your website is of the highest quality in the eyes of Google.

Improving the quality of your website can significantly help in boosting your website's search engine rankings

What we offer...

We carry out a number of On-Site SEO checks to ensure your website is of the highest quality in the Google search engine and provide a report on our findings.

To carry out On-Site SEO checks and provide the report, the price is £100 per 50 page website

For each website page, we carry out the following:

  • Duplicate Content Check (duplicate conte​​​​nt across your website and across the many website on the internet)
  • Thin Pages Check (Google could deem thin pages as low quality, which could affect your Search Engine rankings) 
  • HTML Improvements (We would need access to your Google Search Console)
  • check
    Robots.txt Check
  • check
    XML SiteMap Check
  • check
    Mobile Usage Check
  • check
    Website Page Speed Test on 3 pages

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