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How Your Website Is Performing In Google's Organic Search Engine Listings​

Using Search Engine software tools that actively search in the Google Search Engine with billions of keywords to find out where websites rank, we analyse how your website is currently performing.

We analyse and report on the keywords, with their monthly search volume, that your website ranks in the top 3 positions (where your website needs to be), on the first page and second page of the Google Search Engine.

semrush website rankings


Carry Out And Analyse Keyword Research Relevant To Your Products And Services

We search and find keywords that are highly targeted and relevant to your company’s main products or services.

We take you through our extensive keyword research, analysing each keyword and its monthly search volume (number of times each keyword is typed into the Google Search Engine).

We also look at an overview of each keywords competition to attain high Search Engine Rankings in Google organic listings.

We provide suggestions and recommendations on the best strategy for your company to get the best results from the Google Search Engine.

keyword research


Where Is Your Website Ranking In The Google Search Engine For The Researched Keywords

We add the researched keywords (relevant to your company’s main products or services) to our Search Engine Ranking Position tracking software.

We analyse the Search Engine ranking Position of your website in Googles organics listing to see how well your website is currently ranking for the relevant researched keywords.

search engine ranking report


Analyse The Competition Levels Of The More Competitive Researched Keywords​

We analyse the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) competition levels of the more competitive keywords.

We analyse the Authority and Relevancy and the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO of the websites on the first page of Google and compare to your website.

We provide suggestions and recommendations on the best strategy to improve your website to get to the top of the Google Search Engine to ultimately get enquiries through your website.

competition analysis
Ahrefs competition analysis


Potential Income Indicator When Ranking High In Google Search Engine

We add the researched keywords that are the most highly relevant and targeted keywords to your company’s services or products to our Potential Income Indicator.

The Potential Income Indicator takes the total monthly search volume of all entered keywords and breaks down the visits to your website, enquiries through your website, your sales conversions and average life time value of your customers to calculate the potential income you could that your business could earn by being at the top of the Google Search Engine.

Potential Income Indicator

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