Are You Just Spending Money On Google Ads With Little To No Return?

Google Ads PPC Advertising

Many companies believe advertising with Google Ads Pay Per Click Advertising, in the Google search engine, is a solution to getting leads and customers through their doors, which, don’t get me wrong, is true.

However, just setting up Google Ads with little to no experience, without having a basic understanding of how Google Ads works, can lead to just spending money on your advertising with little to no return.

Google Ads has significantly changed over the years with many different features and functionality to making advertising on the platform easier.

However, if you don’t understand the basics of showing your ads and landing pages for keywords relevant to your products or services, then you will just lose money.

It’s critical that you are showing ads in the Google search engine that are relevant to each ‘actual search term’ typed into Google, sending people to a landing page that is relevant to the ad and the ‘actual search term’.

This provides congruency from the search term typed in Google, your ad shown in the search engine, to your landing page.

Check Your Ads Are Being Shown To Relevant ‘Search Terms’ In Your Google Ads Campaign

If you don’t do anything else, it’s important you check your ads are being shown to relevant ‘search terms’ in your Google Ads campaign (found in ‘Keywords’ and ‘Search Terms’).

‘Search Terms’ (within your Google Ads campaign) shows the ‘actual search terms’ that your potential buyers type in the Google search engine that then click on your ads.

It’s so important to go through all of the ‘actual search terms’ for each Ad Group to ensure that each term is relevant to the ad you are showing and that the term and ad are both relevant to the landing page.

For best results, it’s also important that the ‘actual search terms’ have good commercial intent, and is such a term that a potential buyer would type into Google looking to buy your product or service.

If you find any of the ‘actual search terms’ in each Ad Group not relevant to your ad and your landing page (and your product), then they must be made NEGATIVE.

Making ‘actual search terms’ negative will stop your ad from showing in the Google search engine next time that specific ‘actual search term’ is typed into Google, increasing your overall campaign relevancy.

For whatever reason, even though the ‘actual search terms’ are not relevant to your ad, people still have a tendency to click onto your ad, costing you money.

Furthermore, even if the searcher doesn’t click on your ad, the more times your ad is shown (Impressions) and the fewer times your ad is clicked on (Clicks), will provide a very low ‘Click Through Rate’ (CTR).

A low ‘Click Through Rate (CTR)’ is a big indication to Google that your ads are not relevant and therefore, will reduce your ‘Google Quality Score’ and subsequently increase your ‘Cost Per Click (CPC)’, costing you more money.

Now STOP What You’re Doing…

Go and check your ‘actual search terms’ (found in ‘Keywords’ and ‘Search Terms’) within each Ad Group in your Google Ads campaigns.

Make each ‘Search Term’ NEGATIVE that is NOT relevant to your ad or landing page (and your product), and start seeing your campaigns ‘Cost Per Conversion (enquiries)’ reduce, increasing your return on your Google Ads investment.

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