Website And SEO Copywriting Services

Copy writing is considered one of the main factors to contribute to a successful advertising campaign. This is no different to an online marketing campaign.

Well written website copy writing can convince a visitor to take action on your website, be it buying your products, opt-in to your newsletter or contact you about your offerings or services.

As Search Engine Marketing experts, we provide you with a full range of copywriting services to meet your website needs.

Why Is High Quality Website And SEO Copywriting Essential For Your Success?

Your website content serves two purposes:

  • First and foremost, your content needs to be informative, engaging and persuasive to capture your visitor's interest and take some kind of website action.
  • Secondly, your content needs to be written for the search engines to attain high search engine rankings. The content must be optimised for the keywords that relate to your offering that will be typed in to the search engines.

When SEO and web copywriting is carried out correctly your website can achieve maximum visibility in the search engines for a number of related search terms and will attract and persuade your visitors to take the relevant action for your business.

Why Choose Our SEO Copywriting Services?

Our SEO and website copywriting services combine the right balance between writing for human website visitors to take the required action and writing with the search engines in mind.

This increases your website’s visibility in the Search Engines to help attract your target market to your website while incresing website conversions to sales.

The SEO Gang is based in the UK and as Search Engine Marketing experts, we can then incorporate your content within a full Search Engine Marketing strategy to maximise your website’s visibility and your website conversions.

What type of content do we offer?

We produce all types of website content being informative and engaging with effective ‘call to actions’ to engaging blog posts to position your business as an authority and leader in your market.

As part of our Search Engine Marketing services, we offer a full range of off-site content, such as Press Releases, engaging Social content for viral activity to help you spread your brand and your products across the internet to the right people.

If you’re looking for a complete online marketing strategy we can help. But if you’re just looking for a few web pages or blog posts, we can help with that too.